Low Level Aerial Photography

When photographs of areas or special features on the earth surface are taken from a height ranging from 50 feet to 500 feet with the help of the camera mounted on a balloon or a radio controlled model airplane it is called Low Level Aerial Photography . Aircrafts or helicopters cannot operate in low-lying areas because of safety measures.

Why is Low Level Aerial Photography preferred in low-lying areas?

Taking low altitude aerial photographs is not safe for the aircrafts especially in the areas that are populated

305 m is the proposed lowest flight height in populated areas above the highest obstructions found in the ground. In open areas, the aerial photos look obscure if the photos are taken from a height less than 150 m due to the lowest practical speed of the aircraft which is 100 km/hour. Besides, the expenses that might be incurred for the equipments and photographers are also quite high. Low Level Aerial Photography is the solution to these problems. Therefore, Low Level Aerial Photography is preferred in populated as well as low-lying areas.

Equipments for Low Level Aerial Photography:

Flying equipments: Any one of the following can be used for Low Level Aerial Photography

  • A balloon filled with helium that can function effectively at 500 feet and carries the camera for doing Low Level Aerial Photography . A specially adapted vehicle carries the helium-filled balloon upwards.

  • A Pneumatic Telescopic Mast is also another alternative instrument for Low Level Aerial Photography . A specially adapted vehicle is required to carry the Mast upward to 70 feet.

  • A 25 foot or 70 foot high hand-held telescopic mast is suitable for places where other kind of access is hard.

  • Rc Airplane: Average to big size but less than one-quarter scale is the ideal aircraft for Low Level Aerial Photography . The plane should be run by gas and should have the wings hopped on the apex of the fuselage. It should consist of 5 channels to control the motor, rudder, elevator, aileron and also the camera.

Camera required for Low Level Aerial Photography :

  • High quality digital and 35mm Single Lens Reflex Camera

  • 3 chip digital camcorder

  • 3ccd broadcast quality miniature camera head

  • 4.2.2 broadcast format wide screen camcorder

Use of Low Level Aerial Photography :

  • Environmental analysis and surveys

  • Advertisement and marketing of any property

  • Surveying constructions and buildings

  • Movie making or broadcasting any event

  • Surveying of property for sales

  • Land use planning and management

  • Planning for communication and transportation for example building roads

  • Website development and designing or brochure making

  • Archaeological site surveys

  • For taking birds-eye view of the area as well as photograph of the same area.

  • For business use by real estate agents.

  • Highlighting tourism attractions.

Low Level Aerial Photography enables us to produce images or photographs of high quality rather than trusting on applying long telephoto lenses from area having grater height and afterwards expositing the image.

So Low Level Aerial Photography has not only many advantages but also it is a fun doing and surely it can be a great hobby. Enjoy doing Low Level Aerial Photography !